Publication Fee


Publication Fee Regular Publication Fee (won) Urgent Publication Fee (won)
per paper 180,000  
Acknowledgements Inclusion 100,000  

Bank account No.: 515501-01-252802
Name of Bank: KB Kookmin Bank
Account owner: The International Promotion Agency of Culture Technology


Please note that Publication fee includes peer review fee & publication fee.
Fee for peer review, US Dollar 50 for regular review or US Dollar 100 for express review should be sent to the IPACT office after receipt of the manuscript submission. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, in addition to the page charge of US Dollar 30 per page for regular fee or US Dollar 60 per page for express fee from 7~10th page, publication processing fee of US Dollar 150 for regular fee or US Dollar 300 for express fee should be paid by the corresponding author before printing.
SPECIAL OFFER!! - Publication Fee USD 150 + USD 50 (IPACT Member Registration) = Total USD 200 !! - Valid by December 31, 2016!!
The offered publication fee includes peer review process fee & publication fee.
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